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Splash Art Pantheon

And ekko fits the theme very well.

Splash art pantheon. With pantheons rework comes an upgrade to all of his skins and splash art. His very typical spartan look has been replaced. Pantheons rework has been fully revealed and hes looking good. Pantheon jungle was my main playstyle.

Instead of removing it from the game as we see with the 40 winrate its hovering at right now can we have it less strong but. New pantheon splash art i made for league of legends latest splash art i made and definitely my favalso my main. I like the skin line but i think pantheon doesnt fit in it. Level 1 7 points 5 months ago not a fan of the helmet level 1 9 points 5 months ago this splash art is literally the same post as full metal pantheon.

Pantheon lol rework ruthless splash art 8k wallpaper. I love the champion. Pantheon the unbreakable spear splash art may 14 2020 people characters made with tilt brush public remixable cc by remix this content this content is published under a cc by license. League of legends pantheon champion wallpapers gallery including skins official.

Youre free to use this as long as you credit the author. I understand if pantheon jungle was overperforming. Splash screens loading screens portraits in game screenshots concept art contents 1 current 2 former 3 former chinese current classic pantheon myrmidon pantheon 520 ruthless pantheon 520 perseus pantheon 750. I despise top lane.

Pantheon wallpapers gallery includes champion splash art official artwork and best fanart.